Welcome to RU:ts! We (students of Linguistics at Radboud University) started with RU:ts in 2018. We are a linguistic journal, made for and by students. Radboud students are the authors, peer-reviewers, and the editorial board.

Students with an interest in linguistics (on bachelor and (pre-)master level) can send in their articles written in Dutch or English: for instance articles about their internship, thesis, or a paper written for a course. Their paper will then be reviewed by students who are at the same level and, (if the reviewers give a positive advice), published. These articles will be published online, with an open access publication model. This means anyone can read our science: no paywall or subscription required!

We want to provide students with experience in (academic) publication and peer review, as well as provide readers with high-quality research articles. We hope that RU:ts will be a fixture on the Radboud campus for years to come!

Our team:

Michelle Suijkerbuijk – Editor-in-Chief 

Marieke van den Akker – Editor

Lynn de Rijk – Editor

Elsa Opheij – Editor-in-Chief

Matheus Azevedo – PR/ Editors

Vasudha Raju – PR

Noortje Akkermans – Lay-out Editor