Are you interested in becoming a RU:ts reviewer? Awesome! Peer reviewers are a very important part of the publication process. “Peers” are researchers at the same point in their career, doing research into the same topics. Peer reviewers are not part of the editorial board, but are the quality control of the journal and the scientific community. This process is double-blind: the reviewers do not know the names of the authors, and the authors do not know who their reviewers are.

How does this work ? Every publication cycle, a reviewer gets one or two anonymous papers to review from his or her area of interest or are of expertise. The reviewer must rate this paper on things like consistency, argumentation, and methodology. The reviewer then gives advice to the editorial board: accept and publish, accept but the paper needs a revision first (which usually is the case), or reject when the paper is not of sufficient quality.

This process means that only papers with the highest quality will be published.

Are you interested? Click here to sign up, and you will hear from us whether you can call yourself a RU:ts reviewer!