Michelle Suijkerbuijk – Editor-in-Chief 

Hi, I’m Michelle, currently in my second year of the Research Master Linguistics and Communication Sciences, and editor-in-chief at RU:ts since September 2020. Together with Elsa, my main tasks are to plan what needs to be done to come to a successful edition, to keep an overview of all activities going on, to help team members where it’s needed, and to think about any changes/improvements that can be made. As an editor-in-chief, you are involved in every position. While all linguistic-related research sparks my interest, I am mostly interested in (Dutch) syntax, computational modelling, the Brabantic dialect, and language rules vs. language use. In the evenings, when I close my laptop, I like to read novels and watch all sorts of (bad) reality soaps. On my weekends, I like seeing my friends and family, and playing board games (even though I always lose).     

Marieke van den Akker – Editor

Hiya, I’m Marieke and I’ve been an editor at RU:ts since September 2020, a job I share with Lynn and Matheus. My responsibilities include communicating with authors and reviewers, and overseeing the reviewing process. About me: I completed my BA in English language and culture at Radboud in 2020, and I’m currently enrolled in the MA programme General Linguistics. I am particularly interested in multilingualism in children, (second) language acquisition and English language teaching. I enjoy cooking, baking, reading, and going to the cinema in my spare time.

Lynn de Rijk – Editor

Hi, I’m Lynn, currently in my second year of the Research Master Linguistics and Communications Sciences and one of the editors of the RU:ts since September 2020. Before the ReMa I did a Bachelor Dutch Language and Culture, also at the RU. As an editor I get to keep in touch with both authors and reviewers, and provide some general feedback on papers myself as well. Matheus, Marieke and I try to ensure the RU:ts review process is as close as possible to the real deal, making use of our own experience with publishing as starting researchers. My field of expertise is Conversation Analysis, a branch of sociolinguistics that focuses on language-in-interaction, which I use to study topics such as human-robot interaction, animal language and online discourse (e.g., tweets). Apart from all that, I like to eat the delicious baked goods my fellow editors enjoy baking, love stories in every form and like to play games both of the video and board variety.

Elsa Opheij – Editor-in-Chief

Hi! My name is Elsa, I’m a first-year student of the Master’s programme in Linguistics and Communication Sciences, and I’m an Editor in Chief of the RU:ts team. Together with Michelle, I oversee what tasks have to be fulfilled to come to a fantastic new edition of the RU:ts journal. Last year, I was the Lay-out editor of our team, and I really enjoyed taking care of the final looks of the second edition. I’m really looking forward to learning more about the editorial part of RU:ts this year! Besides my studies, I love to make and listen to music, to go for a walk, and to have a game night 🙂

Matheus Azevedo – PR/ Editor

Hello! My name is Matheus, I’m a second-year student of the Linguistics and Communication Sciences Masters. I’m an editor for RU:ts alongside Marieke and Lynn, as well as a PR officer with Vasudha. Together with my fellow executives, I help with the review process and our general online presence. I’m originally from Brazil but was raised in Canada for most of my life. It was in my upbringing as a third-culture child that I became interested in Linguistics and the role language plays in one’s identity. As such in my Undergraduate, I studied Indigenous languages and focused on language documentation and revitalization. Now I continue with this interest, but also focus on language diversity and typology. When I’m not stressing over school, I like to bake and cook for my friends and take care of my 47 plants. 

Vasudha Raju – PR 

Hi! My name is Vasudha. I’m a second-year student in the Linguistics and Communications Sciences Research Master, and I’m working with Matheus in the PR team. I’m from the United States- Ohio, specifically -and moved to the Netherlands about a year and a half ago for school. I’ve always been fascinated by the language-learning process and the way people understand speech, so it’s pretty exciting to be able to continue doing something I enjoy at Radboud via both school and RU:ts. When I have time, I like to make art, write, cook, play video and board games, and spend time with people. 

Noortje Akkermans – Lay-out Editor

Hi! My name is Noortje and I am RU:ts’ lay-out editor. I completed my Bachelor’s in Linguistics in August 2020 and I just started the Research Master’s programme in Linguistics and Communication Sciences in September 2021, together with Elsa. A few weeks after starting my Master’s I also joined RU:ts. As the lay-out editor I’ll mainly be taking care of the final, visual appearance of the journal, and do some small designing jobs. Of course I am also present at meetings to catch up on the other team members and share my thoughts on other processes. In my spare time I like to play (video and board) games, go for walks, cook, practice embroidery and I want to try knitting/crochet as well (see if I have the patience).